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I've been kinda on the fence about Dress U and which events to go to.  Especially the court dinner. But something finally spoke to me.  While looking for images for a robe a la turque, I kept getting these really fancy gowns coming up.  A bit more research, and I learned that it was Russian court gowns.

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 I could do that rather simply.  I already have a white silk petticoat that fits over pocket hoops.  And I'm sure I have something in the stash that I can use for the over dress.  And best of all, I can have hedgehog hair, I love hedgehog hair!


May. 23rd, 2012 08:03 pm
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I'm having a mini crisis trying to decide what to wear to Dress U, particularly in regards to what I need to work on this weekend.
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I figured the bodice out...mostly. It will work for now, I'm on a deadline here.vi redid the back, it stays in place better now, and it's easier to close. All I have to do is dislocate my shoulder, button it, the pop my arm back in the socket. Piece of cake!
Then today I got the skirt sewn on and pinned the hem. After that's sewn, I can start the final decorating.

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Despite a sad lack of posts, I have been sewing.  I wanted a cotton lawn gown with sequence like this one from the Napoleon fashion exhibit for the tiara party and the Jane Austen Ball.
Lots of pictures below... )


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