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Every time I check the weather for next weekend, it's something different. It's very frustrating. I know they can't predict it too accurately that far in advance, but I can't help but want to be prepared. I decided to pkay around with jewlery options for my new gown. I'm between the emeralds and diamonds. The coral just doesn't look fancy enough. I like the emeralds best, but I'm not sure is the green goes with the geeen in the dress. So it's most likely the diamonds. I took the stone off the marching earrings and set them on a pair of Betsy Johnsons so I could have a matching set and still have the Rocco bows.

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Ok, so I know this is being done, but I decided a few weeks ago I needed to make a dress for the Renaissance fair this year. I have never gone in costume, and that seems like something crucial for a costumer to do.  I had been thinking of something in the Tudor style, even bought fabric for it.  But while looking for  pictures to help finalize the design, I found the red Pisa dress. 

I fell in love.  And as if it was fate, I happened to have 9 yards of red velveteen in my closet that I had bought for another  project I never got around to.  Then I found a lovely trim at Joanns, its metallic copper braid with a red background that reminded me of the Pisa trim.  So I have slowly been working on that, the bodice is almost ready to be decorated, then I can make the skirt.

Yesterday I stayed home from work with a cold, so I worked on some smaller things, I made a beaded girdle and a zibellino.  Isn't he cute, I named him Leo.  He's part of a vintage stole I got for cheap at Zerns, a broach from the same place and a pearl leash to make sure he doesn't run away.:)  I tried more decorations, but it seemed like less is more in his case.


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