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Finaly got around to posting pictures from costume con.  I only had two new dresses, but only one worth pointing out, my  striped jacket from Saturday

The rest of my pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35990281@N07/sets/72157626704159021/

Over due

May. 14th, 2009 07:55 pm
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I am way behind on this, but I haven't realy had much of a chance to go through everything since Costume Con.  Now that things are setteling down, I can get my pics organized and get ready for my next projects.  Here are my pics, hope you all enjoy them
 Costume Con

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Wow, I am tired after this weekend.  First, there was the long drive down to Washington to see the Dumbarton House. It was so worth the trip, I had an amazing time and got to meet some really nice people.  The tour was wonderful, and the clothing was amazing. I think I want a regency gown, but that will have to wait its turn at the end of the line.  I've added a few things on my to do list now.  It was so nice to go out in costume and be around other people in costume that are just as into it, and know more then I do.  I realize that I still have a lot of learning to do, (and I need to work on my period hair)  I know I want to go to costume con now.  I just have to find someone to room with.
Here is the one picture that I took.  I was really slacking in the camera department.

I was going to get some work done tonight, but after all the chaos caused by the upcoming storm, I think I'll just relax and start tomorrow. 

Bag lining

Oct. 19th, 2008 04:32 pm
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First let me just say that I HATE bag linings, I don't  know if its just because my skill level isn't that great or what, but the lining always seems bigger then the outside, so it pokes over the edges.  I saw in some dress diaries that people sew the lining to the material before sewing the pieces together, I think thats what I'm going to do from now on.   
The jacket is almost done, just needs button holes, which I have never hand sewn before, so this should be interesting.  But I don't think I'll have a place to wear it this year, so I can take my time.  
Plans for the gown for Patriots week is coming along, and I saw that Costume Con will be in Baltimore this year, which is not too far, so I'm thinking about going, if I can find the money and the time off.  


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