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last night

Nov. 5th, 2008 11:19 am
blackcat452: (Default)
Some times its hard being a moderate.  I have friends on both sides of the spectrum, and last night one wanted to go out and celebrate while the other wanted to pack for Canada.( Really, if you hate big gov. that much, Canada is not the place for you). I just wanted to go to bed, it had been a long night covering the election at the station.  It was funny, I went to go shoot some footage of voting places and the first one was dead.  I thought that was weird, all over the country there is record voting except in central PA. Oh well.  Then we went to another, and the line was wrapped around the building. Perfect.  I guess people had been standing there for so long that their vision was going,  and didn't see the camera or media pass because one guy yelled at me for cutting in line when I went to go talk to the judge, and another old man that worked there offered to get me to the front of the line so I could vote then winked at me.  Still not sure if I think that was cute or creepy. 
I am happy Obama won, but I don't think McCain would have made a bad president eiter, as long as he stayed alive.  In my life, the parties have alernated the presidency. Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama.  For some reason, that has always felt right.  This country needs change every couple of years, so that everyone's voice is heard.  The conservatives had it, now it's the liberals time.  It all balances out, which is what this country is about. 

THat should be it on politics for a while. On another note, I finaly got my fabric samples in for my 1730's dress.  But since I ordered them I have had so many ideas, I'm not sure what I want to make or if I even want it blue any more. Decisions, decisions.  I need to decide soon.


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