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Happy New year everyone.  2014 was a very busy year for me, so not a whole lot of sewing got done.  I started a new job, had a medical scare, adopted a new doggie, and started a family.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much time or energy to sew

New Francaise for the annual dinner.
francase 14
1920's silk dress
photo (30)
Brown linen anglaise,  ( altered for baby bump)

photo (38)
1790s cotton open robe and underdress
photo 1791

For 2015, I don't plan on being able to do much, but I'd like a new regency ball gown,  a 1780s jacket and a satin anglaise.   I'd also like to finish my Catherine of Aragon gown I'm going to attempt the historical sew fortnightly, see if that helps motivate me at all. This year, it's only one challenge a month, so it should be easier.
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Once again I'm behind in my posting, so many others have already posted about the wonderful pumpkin tea last weekend.  The food was amazing, the decor was lovely and the company was simply the best.   I made a 1790's style open robe with a full bodice, much like this and this.
To me, it looked like a croped d version of an anglaise, so thats how I constructed it.  I pleated the back to lining like an en fourreau anglaise, then constructed  the bodice with a combo of regency and 18th century techniques, plus whatever worked to get it together.photo 1792
 The fabric was from my trip to Williamsburg this summer. Underneath, I wore a swiss dot lawn dress.   I have to say, its one of my favorates, I just need to do something about the super white under gown.  Either dye it, or find a contrasting pink or blue to match the print.  But that's another time.photo 1791photo 1790
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Wow, I have been terrible about posting. And I've been up to a lot.  This weekend I mostly finished my new francaise, only needs trim and a hem.

green dress
  I was going to try to finish it today, on my first snow day in years,  But as I was drinking tea by the window in my jammies, I had the desire to work on something warm and cozy.  Since I have a winter regency outing this upcoming weekend,  I decided to try a wool gown.  After spending a half hour looking for my grey wool before remembering that it was used for Gettysburg.  So I decided to use some very unperiod dark pink/light red wool crepe and I lined it with polka dot flannel cotton.  And after a few hours, this is what I have.
red dress
The sleeves are pinned on, but I should be able to finish it easily by Saturday.  
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I had an amazing time at the Regency Card party this weekend. The food was great, there were real and virtual friends, and tons of sparklies   I rewore my white and gold dress, since I love it so much.  I also decide to do something different with my hair.  This video about 18th century curls has been making its way across LJ, so I decided to see if it works. For science.  

photo (13)photo (10)photo (14)
I could not have been happier with the results.  I had to work Saturday morning  so my hair had to be done at the crack of dawn.  But 12 hours, a long drive and mini blizzard later, and my curls were still bouncy for the party.  
It took a bit longer to set the curls, because I had to head each one after wrapping it. I wrapped a scarf around them to sleep in, and they help up pretty well.  I just wish it wasn't so wasteful, cause twisting the paper makes it too soft to use a second time. But other then that, those 18th century ladies knew what they were doing.
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Friday night was the masked ball at the Roman Baths. I wore the gold sequence dress I made for Dress U along with my cameo tiara and Pier 1 mask.


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I had a fantastic time in England, I took over 750 pictures!. I won't bore you with them all, just the highlights here.  The first half of my trip was the city of Bath, I was able to stay with [livejournal.com profile] sadievale, her mom, Betty and [livejournal.com profile] williamsburg24.
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I figured the bodice out...mostly. It will work for now, I'm on a deadline here.vi redid the back, it stays in place better now, and it's easier to close. All I have to do is dislocate my shoulder, button it, the pop my arm back in the socket. Piece of cake!
Then today I got the skirt sewn on and pinned the hem. After that's sewn, I can start the final decorating.

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Despite a sad lack of posts, I have been sewing.  I wanted a cotton lawn gown with sequence like this one from the Napoleon fashion exhibit for the tiara party and the Jane Austen Ball.
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How do you think this dress closes?  Drawstring? Back button? 
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I'm buckling down and getting my jampaigne tiara. Then question is which one?  There are thousands of choices out there, but I think I narrowed it to three to go with a regency gown.
Contestant number 1:
Contestant number 2:
Contestant number 3:

So who's the favorite?


Jan. 1st, 2012 01:47 pm
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2011 was a pretty good costuming year for me.  I had a blast at Costume Con and Steampunk worlds fair, even if the con itself left something to be desired.  I got to see more of my friends and even made some new ones.  I made a decent number of things worth mentioning.  I didn't really have a wish list for 2011, but there are some things I do want for 2012.
- fur trimmed robe a la franciase
- regency ball gown
- new Victorian day gown
- cloak
- princess hat
A good chunk of those I need within the first two months of the year, so we'll see if I get it done.

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I ordered a sari with a beautiful block print on eBay a few weeks ago and it came today! It's the funniest thing, it was sent in a cloth bag that was sewn closed and the stamps were taped on to that. I had to snip the threads to open it.

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