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Sep. 30th, 2014 01:50 pm
blackcat452: (Bath)
First of all, Thank you everybody for the good wishes from my last post.  I'm very excited.
Secondly, the Katherine dress is coming along.  I only have the hem and beading left to do.  I'm copying the monkey portrait, with a few creative alterations here and there.  I don’t have and pics yet, the fur sleeves are so heavy, I can't keep it on the manikin.  I hope it cools off between not and the fair, cause that mother is HOT!
My necklace came today, so I thought I'd share the accessories so far.  Since the inspiration dress has no jewelry besides the rings, I decided to use the cross necklace from another famous portrait.  Hers in on a gold chain, but since the chain that came with it is too long (it gets lost under the dress) so I thought I'd move it to a strand of pearls.  Her daughter, Mary, had a similar (or the same?) cross with pearls, so it's accurate enough for me.  And it's fancier :)
photo (31).

I also bought a Gable hood.  While there are images of KoA in a French hood, the gable hood is her signature look. It's the English style, and above all else, she is Queen of England.  She sacrificed everything to keep her position.  Plus, it creates a contrast with her rival, Anne Boleyn.  I tried to make one, but my millinery skills are atrocious.  The peace of mind was worth the cost.  And I think it looks pretty cute when it’s on.
photo (33)photo (32)


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