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I put new sleeves and a new front on my satin 1780s gown. I retrimmed my hat. And with a week to spare. Not wanting to loose momentum while I wait for my fabrics mart order, I decided to finally get around to recovering some old thrift shop shoes. They looked 18th century enough at the time, but the leather is tearing and the side is ripping. I recovered it with scarlet and white silk. Most of the extant shows I saw had leather heals, so I decided to just paint the heal rather than attempt to cover it. It's a bit messy and wrinkly, but it will pass the 5 ft rule. Now they just need buckles.

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So I've been slacking in the costume department lately.  I just haven't been able to make up my mind about anything, which sucks, because I have a lot to do before costume con and the steampunk worlds fair.  I decided to make something that I have been planning for a while, but never got around to.

Please excuse the mess, I haven't had much time to clean. And the mannequin is a little bit bigger then me, which is making some wrinkles.


I was given about 2 1/2 yards of this lovely silk from [livejournal.com profile] madamekat , just enough to make a cute little jacket like you see in the 1780's.  And I had some silk fringe that had been bought for another project that never happened.  I already had the sheer petticoat, so now all I need is a hat!
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with all the CADD I have going on.  So I had some fitting issues with the italian gown and decided to do something else.  I fell in love with the elizabethan jackets I saw last year at costume con and decided to try one for myself. I wanted it to look upper class so I would still fit in with my friends that are copying portraits of nobles and queens, even though I was doing a less formal look.  I used the red velvet I was going to use for the other dress and decorated it with black braid and Venice lace.   I was lucky, because the "tudor tailor"pattern fit me with minimal adjustments.  It went together rather quickly, which is good because I didn't have much time.  I still need to finish the trim and put on the hook and eyes, but this gives you an idea of what I've been working on.


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