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Happy New year everyone.  2014 was a very busy year for me, so not a whole lot of sewing got done.  I started a new job, had a medical scare, adopted a new doggie, and started a family.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much time or energy to sew

New Francaise for the annual dinner.
francase 14
1920's silk dress
photo (30)
Brown linen anglaise,  ( altered for baby bump)

photo (38)
1790s cotton open robe and underdress
photo 1791

For 2015, I don't plan on being able to do much, but I'd like a new regency ball gown,  a 1780s jacket and a satin anglaise.   I'd also like to finish my Catherine of Aragon gown I'm going to attempt the historical sew fortnightly, see if that helps motivate me at all. This year, it's only one challenge a month, so it should be easier.
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Saturday night I joined my friends at a lovely Downton Abbey theamed cocktail party at Laurel Hill Mansion in Philadelphia.  There was beautiful weather, yummy treats and addoring fans.  Couldn't ask for much more.  I only took one picture, but I wanted to get a shot of my new dress.

photo (30)


Sep. 2nd, 2014 08:17 pm
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I actually sewed something. I've been wanting to make a 1920s dress for a while, and since I needed a new dress for the Downton Abbey Cocktail party, now was the perfect time.  I followed the directions here for a 1928 dance frock.    Alice and Judy helped me fit it, and after a bit more fiddling to make up for the stiffer fabric, I was good to go.  It's made of grey silk taffeta  and silver Jomar trim. I decided to more up the date a bit to better fit the theme of the party.  So I lengthened the skirt to the oh so flattering cankel. For such an unconventional silhouette, it isn't too unflattering.  And I finished the whole thing in two days, new record. :)

photo (27)


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