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Every time I check the weather for next weekend, it's something different. It's very frustrating. I know they can't predict it too accurately that far in advance, but I can't help but want to be prepared. I decided to pkay around with jewlery options for my new gown. I'm between the emeralds and diamonds. The coral just doesn't look fancy enough. I like the emeralds best, but I'm not sure is the green goes with the geeen in the dress. So it's most likely the diamonds. I took the stone off the marching earrings and set them on a pair of Betsy Johnsons so I could have a matching set and still have the Rocco bows.

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All I have to do is bone the bodice, and the Italian gown is done...with a week to spare. This can't be right. I have to be forgetting something.
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I've been too busy to post, I've been working on two dresses back to back. My current one is for the garden party in Williamsburg. I love the fabric, but since he party is at night, I thought it could use some sparkle. I started to add some gold spangles to the flowers, but now I'm not sure if it works. Opinions?

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I put new sleeves and a new front on my satin 1780s gown. I retrimmed my hat. And with a week to spare. Not wanting to loose momentum while I wait for my fabrics mart order, I decided to finally get around to recovering some old thrift shop shoes. They looked 18th century enough at the time, but the leather is tearing and the side is ripping. I recovered it with scarlet and white silk. Most of the extant shows I saw had leather heals, so I decided to just paint the heal rather than attempt to cover it. It's a bit messy and wrinkly, but it will pass the 5 ft rule. Now they just need buckles.

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I didn't get much done this weekend, but I did get my AD Dunmore shoes painted.  I was inspired by this pair from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  You see the contrast straps so often in exant shoes.

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Stays are coming along. The channels are done. For some reason I decided to hand sew them, so I took longer then I wanted it to, but not as long as I thought it would.

Now I have to do the eyelets and the binding. I hope to have them done by the end on the month.
In personal stuff, the baby had an ear infection that would not go away, turned out he's allergic to most antibiotics. So he got ear tubes yesterday. Last night was rough, last few weeks have been rough.  I hope he feels better soon.
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Happy New year everyone.  2014 was a very busy year for me, so not a whole lot of sewing got done.  I started a new job, had a medical scare, adopted a new doggie, and started a family.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much time or energy to sew

New Francaise for the annual dinner.
francase 14
1920's silk dress
photo (30)
Brown linen anglaise,  ( altered for baby bump)

photo (38)
1790s cotton open robe and underdress
photo 1791

For 2015, I don't plan on being able to do much, but I'd like a new regency ball gown,  a 1780s jacket and a satin anglaise.   I'd also like to finish my Catherine of Aragon gown I'm going to attempt the historical sew fortnightly, see if that helps motivate me at all. This year, it's only one challenge a month, so it should be easier.
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Fort Mifflin turned out to be a lot of fun.  It was nice to have a low key, easy event to go to and see my friends again.  I wore my modified anglaise and it was pretty comfortable.  It was very warm when we changed at Amandas, so I left some of the extra cozzies I brought along.  Big mistake.  The fort was on the river and was very windy.  But after getting another pair of mitts, the sun came out and it warmed up in time for the tour and battle.
photo (38)
photo (36)
photo (37)
 Now I just have to finishe my new regency gown for next weekend.
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I've been working on a new dress for the pumpkin tea for the last few weeks, so fort mifflin kinda snuck up on me.   Nothing I have fit, so rather then making somehting new, I decided to modify a gown I already have.  I was inspired by the jacket from the Williamsburg collection, with a lace up front and vest underneith.  I added eyelets to the front and made a stomacher to go under.  It's not the most flattering fit, but I think it works.

photo (35)photo (28)

Snow day

Feb. 13th, 2014 09:57 pm
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I have a goal this year to try something new with every project.  So for the Francaise dinner party, I decided to attempt a wig.  Since I was stuck inside all day with a foot of snow on the roads, today was a good time to try.  Good think I was prepared.  Last night I stopped at party city and got this sexy little number. http://www.partycity.com/product/seduction+brown+wig.do?navSet=271495
(Not as sexy in real life )
photo (27)
  photo (28)photo (29)
Standard befor and after.  It's a cheap wig, so it's thin, but it looks much better with my hair blended in.

I also worked on the trim for my francaise.  I got the ruching done, but ran out of thread, so it will have to be sewn on later. My goal is to be done this weekend.
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Wow, I have been terrible about posting. And I've been up to a lot.  This weekend I mostly finished my new francaise, only needs trim and a hem.

green dress
  I was going to try to finish it today, on my first snow day in years,  But as I was drinking tea by the window in my jammies, I had the desire to work on something warm and cozy.  Since I have a winter regency outing this upcoming weekend,  I decided to try a wool gown.  After spending a half hour looking for my grey wool before remembering that it was used for Gettysburg.  So I decided to use some very unperiod dark pink/light red wool crepe and I lined it with polka dot flannel cotton.  And after a few hours, this is what I have.
red dress
The sleeves are pinned on, but I should be able to finish it easily by Saturday.  
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Rather then working on my court gown like a good girl, I decided to start something completely new.  I want a new dress for my 18th century picnic, and after lots of browsing and researching, I decided on a chemise a la reine, like this one.
The pink is so fun, I'm dyeing the fabric right now.  I'm just debating between a fitted back and the loose back.  I like the look of the fitted, but the loose back would give me the option of loosening the stays or going stayless ( which it looks like in the portrait) if it's too hot.  But I'm realy intimitaded by it.  It looks so simple, but it's so much fabric to deal with.  Opinions?
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I've been kinda on the fence about Dress U and which events to go to.  Especially the court dinner. But something finally spoke to me.  While looking for images for a robe a la turque, I kept getting these really fancy gowns coming up.  A bit more research, and I learned that it was Russian court gowns.

280114148cebf27630c9c0c6fcb862ca 1780s_or_1770_catherine_ii_ 1790smariafeodorovnarobe
 I could do that rather simply.  I already have a white silk petticoat that fits over pocket hoops.  And I'm sure I have something in the stash that I can use for the over dress.  And best of all, I can have hedgehog hair, I love hedgehog hair!
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First off, I would like to thank our wonderful hostesses, because I had an amazing time.  The new venue is wonderful.  Our room was so adorable, full of antique furniture and had a fireplace. It was perfect for getting in the 18th century mood while getting ready and unwinding with tea afterwards. photo (14)     photo (13)
 The dinner was amazing, and the new room was defiantly an improvement.  We laughed  enjoyed some very happy punch and had a great time.  I had brought my camera, but forgot to charge the battery.  So crappy iphone pics had to do. They didn't turn out so great.
The bad news is that my wardrobe malfunctioned.  This is the first time I wore my stays for a period of time, and the tabs are too long and its too big.  It wasn't noticeable standing in front of a mirror, but sitting all night, the were very uncomfortable.  That, and my dress grew two inches some how.  I swear it fit right at home, but all night it shifted and wrinkled.  I have to work on that before the next wear.
photo (15)
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Last weekend I went to Robins for a little sewing party and managed to get the bodice trim and the sleeve flounces sewn on in between cups of tea and all the giggling and merriment.  This week I put together the petticoat and got the trim pinned on today. If all goes well, then tomorrow I just have to sew that one bit and get some buttons to polinaise it up, and I should be done.  I just have to figure out how to make my white AD shoes not so bright against the soft green.  Maybe replace the buckles with bows? 
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So I did more then just mope around this weekend. I actually started my gown for the francaise dinner party. I'm using a silk damask I bought at fort Fred last year, I even bleach tested it, it's silk ( mostly). It's been years since I did an en fourreau back, but I think it turned out ok

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I had an amazing time at the Regency Card party this weekend. The food was great, there were real and virtual friends, and tons of sparklies   I rewore my white and gold dress, since I love it so much.  I also decide to do something different with my hair.  This video about 18th century curls has been making its way across LJ, so I decided to see if it works. For science.  

photo (13)photo (10)photo (14)
I could not have been happier with the results.  I had to work Saturday morning  so my hair had to be done at the crack of dawn.  But 12 hours, a long drive and mini blizzard later, and my curls were still bouncy for the party.  
It took a bit longer to set the curls, because I had to head each one after wrapping it. I wrapped a scarf around them to sleep in, and they help up pretty well.  I just wish it wasn't so wasteful, cause twisting the paper makes it too soft to use a second time. But other then that, those 18th century ladies knew what they were doing.


Jan. 6th, 2013 08:08 pm
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I started work on the stays this weekend.  I decided to try the JP Ryan pattern since I've had good luck with them before.  I made a mock up and it fits pretty well.  I need to widen the neckline and  move the straps to the back. Why would she have them in the front, with the ties in the back? That seems so hard to adjust. And I don't think I've seen that on period examples.  But anyway, the rest fit pretty good on the first try.  I also washed and ironed the fabric, which took forever.  Next step is redoing the neckline and another mock up. 
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The muslin gown is finished, has been for a few days. I don't have any pics because we're getting central air installed in the house, and with all the stuff moved around, every full length mirror has a stack of boxes in front of it.  And it looks pretty sad on the manikin, its too thin of a material.  So you'll have to wait till Saturday.  I also re-trimmed my lunardi hat for this weekend.
photo (1)  Now I just have to figure out the accessories.

new undies

Apr. 26th, 2012 10:18 pm
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Thank you all for your kind words on my last post, I'll try to keep posting about it. I took a short break to get ready for fort fred, Its supposed to be seasonably cold, so I've been trying to figure out what to wear to keep warm without bundling up too much.  Then I vaguely remembered reading somewhere ( probably online) about flannel shifts.  At the time, I thought "wool shift?  how horrible, this has got to be b.s." But a cotton flannel shift was sounding pretty appealing with the cold damp weekend ahead. So I through one together.  Its pretty bad, I didn't even hem it, but nobody will see it, and its warm and soft, so what does it matter.  


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