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So I think the post office lost my fabric. The tracking page said it would arive Friday, and Thursday night, it said it had stops in California, Lancaster pa and was now in Philadelphia. When it didn't show, I checked again, it said its going back to Lancaster ( passing me and going west) and the arrival date is gone. Hopefully they just forgot it there, and it's not taking a cross continental tour
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I didn't get much done this weekend, but I did get my AD Dunmore shoes painted.  I was inspired by this pair from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  You see the contrast straps so often in exant shoes.

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Shoe help

Apr. 7th, 2016 06:16 am
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Anyone ever paint fabric shoes? I just received the American Duchess Dunmores yesterday, and I'm a little worried about dyeing them. I wanted to put on contrasting binding, but they are already bound around the edges. It's more historically accurate, but binding on top of binding will probably be too thick. Would it be possible to paint around the existing binding, or should I exchange them for Georganias?
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The baby has been sick all week. It takes about two hours to get him to sleep at night. So needless to say, I haven't been seeing much. I hoped to make a new dress for tomorrow, but that didn't happen. Thankfully it will be warm enough to wear an old dress. But I'm so tired of the same old regency dresses. I have the old sari dress and two white lawn gowns. While I was debating what to wear, since my bonnet is cream, not white, I found an old bottle of dye. I figured" what the hell" and dyed one of the dresses red. I think it looks ok, but we'll see how it looks on in the morning.
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Does anyone have the AD Antoinette mules? I've never seen anyone wearing them. Are they easy to walk in? Do they run true to size? Would you recommend them?
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1/4/16- I forgot my phone at home, so I actually had a conversation with the people I work with at lunch.
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Stays are coming along. The channels are done. For some reason I decided to hand sew them, so I took longer then I wanted it to, but not as long as I thought it would.

Now I have to do the eyelets and the binding. I hope to have them done by the end on the month.
In personal stuff, the baby had an ear infection that would not go away, turned out he's allergic to most antibiotics. So he got ear tubes yesterday. Last night was rough, last few weeks have been rough.  I hope he feels better soon.
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I finished the smocking and appliqué. I also added some gold ribbon I found on clearance at joanns. I think the original used mesh wire ribbon, but this was cheaper. Next, I have to embroider between them and bead it.

In personal news, I decided to take the job, so I'll be starting that in two weeks.
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Thanks everyone who replied, I feel better about it now. It's funny, after upu study fashion for a while, you really see the difference that a decade or two can make, and you forget that it's not as obvious to most people. I felt like I was going to a roaring 20s party in a poodle skirt. But I'm sure the new dress will work out. It could use some more trim, but it's wearable for tonight. The universe seems determined to keep me home, first my necklace broke, and then I threw out my back. Hopefully it will be okay for tonight. I can't wait to see everyone!


Aug. 7th, 2015 09:05 am
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I had a little crisis last night, I realized that the Jane Austin ball is 1790s, but my gown is 1810s. Is anyone else doing general regency? It's not too late to change. Also, my collet necklace broke. I'm super pissed about that.
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After a wonderful afternoon drinking tea, I went home, put the baby to bed, and got started on my 1830s dress. I managed to get the bodice together before I had to stop. I still had some time, so I decided to make an outfit for the baby. I just made s shift for him, since it will be so warm. This morning I tried it on with the cap I bought him at ft Fred. Not too bad, he seemed to like it.

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I've got a bee in my bonnet to make something 1830s.  I'm on a shopping diet, so I need to use something from the stash.  I have something that might work, but I only have 6 yards.  Will that be enough?  
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I'm hoping to start a Game of Thrones costume soon.  I won’t be able to start for a bit, so I'm doing a ton of research and trying to figure out exactly what I want.  During my research, I've become amazed at the detail that goes into the show.  You can tell so much about a character based on their costume alone.  I thought I'd share some of my findings here till I get started.

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Those are my thoughts anyway.  Stay tuned for part 2.
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After a series of complications, Joshua Allen was born 7:31am on February 13.

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Can anyone recommend a source for a nice, even linen? It doesn't have to be super thin, just not too stubbly.

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Happy New year everyone.  2014 was a very busy year for me, so not a whole lot of sewing got done.  I started a new job, had a medical scare, adopted a new doggie, and started a family.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much time or energy to sew

New Francaise for the annual dinner.
francase 14
1920's silk dress
photo (30)
Brown linen anglaise,  ( altered for baby bump)

photo (38)
1790s cotton open robe and underdress
photo 1791

For 2015, I don't plan on being able to do much, but I'd like a new regency ball gown,  a 1780s jacket and a satin anglaise.   I'd also like to finish my Catherine of Aragon gown I'm going to attempt the historical sew fortnightly, see if that helps motivate me at all. This year, it's only one challenge a month, so it should be easier.
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Once again I'm behind in my posting, so many others have already posted about the wonderful pumpkin tea last weekend.  The food was amazing, the decor was lovely and the company was simply the best.   I made a 1790's style open robe with a full bodice, much like this and this.
To me, it looked like a croped d version of an anglaise, so thats how I constructed it.  I pleated the back to lining like an en fourreau anglaise, then constructed  the bodice with a combo of regency and 18th century techniques, plus whatever worked to get it together.photo 1792
 The fabric was from my trip to Williamsburg this summer. Underneath, I wore a swiss dot lawn dress.   I have to say, its one of my favorates, I just need to do something about the super white under gown.  Either dye it, or find a contrasting pink or blue to match the print.  But that's another time.photo 1791photo 1790
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Fort Mifflin turned out to be a lot of fun.  It was nice to have a low key, easy event to go to and see my friends again.  I wore my modified anglaise and it was pretty comfortable.  It was very warm when we changed at Amandas, so I left some of the extra cozzies I brought along.  Big mistake.  The fort was on the river and was very windy.  But after getting another pair of mitts, the sun came out and it warmed up in time for the tour and battle.
photo (38)
photo (36)
photo (37)
 Now I just have to finishe my new regency gown for next weekend.
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I've been working on a new dress for the pumpkin tea for the last few weeks, so fort mifflin kinda snuck up on me.   Nothing I have fit, so rather then making somehting new, I decided to modify a gown I already have.  I was inspired by the jacket from the Williamsburg collection, with a lace up front and vest underneith.  I added eyelets to the front and made a stomacher to go under.  It's not the most flattering fit, but I think it works.

photo (35)photo (28)


Sep. 30th, 2014 01:50 pm
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First of all, Thank you everybody for the good wishes from my last post.  I'm very excited.
Secondly, the Katherine dress is coming along.  I only have the hem and beading left to do.  I'm copying the monkey portrait, with a few creative alterations here and there.  I don’t have and pics yet, the fur sleeves are so heavy, I can't keep it on the manikin.  I hope it cools off between not and the fair, cause that mother is HOT!
My necklace came today, so I thought I'd share the accessories so far.  Since the inspiration dress has no jewelry besides the rings, I decided to use the cross necklace from another famous portrait.  Hers in on a gold chain, but since the chain that came with it is too long (it gets lost under the dress) so I thought I'd move it to a strand of pearls.  Her daughter, Mary, had a similar (or the same?) cross with pearls, so it's accurate enough for me.  And it's fancier :)
photo (31).

I also bought a Gable hood.  While there are images of KoA in a French hood, the gable hood is her signature look. It's the English style, and above all else, she is Queen of England.  She sacrificed everything to keep her position.  Plus, it creates a contrast with her rival, Anne Boleyn.  I tried to make one, but my millinery skills are atrocious.  The peace of mind was worth the cost.  And I think it looks pretty cute when it’s on.
photo (33)photo (32)


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