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I had such a wonder time this weekend.

I so rarely get to see my friends. I don't have any pics, and others did a better write ups. But one thing that stood out to me was talk of going to the Reading Air Show WW2 reenactment in June. I have other events before then, but this one has me surprisingly excited. Our friend Mick has a unit there, do we'd have a place to hang out, and it has lots of shopping. And it's only a half hour from my house.

I've never given that period more then a passing glance, so i needed to do some research. I love that feeling if being excited again, and spending every second looking at pics. This is so great, because not only are there a million patterns ( most either original or reprints of originals) but vintage and vintage inspired is available too. I could just buy the whole thing if I want.

After my days of research, I think I've decided that I like the look of the 30s more than the 40s. I like the slimmer silhouette and I don't like the bulky shoulders of the 40s. But while the war started in 39, I feel like going in 30s would be wrong. And as we get closer to current times, the difference of a few years seems more obvious. I tried to justify it by saying that the depression and war would slow the trickle down of fashion, but every pic I've seen of women in WW2 shows them in current fashion. Sigh.

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